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Reliability Engineer V.I.E

11 Octobre 2013, 16:32pm

Publié par Patricia VAUX

Request for Engineering Work (TLS/RS Eng Nordic) Version. 01

Title: Reliability_Engineer

Ordered by: Corradia Nordic X60
Time Reporting Code (time sheet code): xxxxx
Material Reporting Code: xxxxx


Corradia Nordic X60 projects

The purpose of this document is to describe the position of engineering support, part of the Swedish engineering group in order to support the X60 projects and develop the product :
- Help in defining technical solution to the problems on the train (serial faults, safety, technical issues).
- Support from the field to the concerned suppliers / PU / engineering
- Reach the reliability target of the fleet in accordance to the contractual targets (verification period).

Work Description:(target, steps, focus etc.)

• Customer support engineering
• System-subsystem engineering support
• Monitoring and analysis of fleet reliability
• Technical field support for customer
• Technical field support for Rolling Stock (investigation)
• Technical field support for SPQD/buyers (claims toward suppliers)
• Serial faults analysis
• Claims classification for the verification period
• Analysis of modifications efficiency
• REX process (PST)

Scope of supply/Expected Deliverables:
- Monthly reliability report
- Monthly claims classification (verification period)
- PST update

"Conditions :

. Contrat V.I.E. (inscription Civiweb)

. 5ème année ou diplomé (section ferroviaire)

. À partir de Novembre

. durée : 1 an (renouvelable)

. Lieu : Stockholm"

Contact ( alumni ) : cyril.ruf@transport.alstom.com

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