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Opportunities in aeronautic in Dahlewitz

23 Mai 2014, 14:56pm

Publié par Patricia VAUX

Rolls-Royce Deutschland is Germany's only fully-certified engine manufacturer that has complete capability to design, produce and after-sales support modern civil and military turbine engines. It has acquired exceptional engineering capability over the past 20 years, including development packages for the Trent engine family and is the home of the innovative Mechanical Test Operations Centre (MTOC) for testing the mechanical behaviour of gas turbine components, opened in 2010. A new test-bed for the most powerful version of the Trent XWB, the world's most efficient engine flying today, and the newest Trent engine, will be inaugurated in Dahlewitz in the second half of this year.

Rolls-Royce recently shared details of its next generation engine designs, one of which, called UltraFan™, includes a geared engine design. While Rolls-Royce has a long heritage of gear design capability from turbo-shaft, turbo-prop to LiftFan® gearbox designs, the UltraFan™ design, with a variable pitch fan system and capable of sustaining 80 Mega Watts, will take things further. It could be ready for service from 2025 and will offer at least 25 per cent improvement in fuel burn and emissions compared with the first generation of Trent engines.

It's here in Dahlewitz that we will establish yet another, new and exciting facility to test power gearboxes for the UltraFan™ design and to expand the related aerospace research and technology capabilities. For these programmes, we are bringing together a team of engineers who are ready, keen and capable to overcome many unique challenges. Right now we're looking for 160 engineers to join a cross-functional team right at the beginning of the journey. The work will be ideas-led and you'll be working with the very latest cutting edge technology. It's a big opportunity to try out new thinking, make your mark and apply your skills to a very important project.

You might be an experienced engineer or someone who is at the start of their career - but specifically we're looking for individuals in the following disciplines:

You are able to search for roles in English or German by using the language selector.

Pour candidater :


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