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VIE Training Projects Manager - THALES

14 Février 2014, 10:21am

Publié par Patricia VAUX

• Job purpose
Training projects managers work to implement and update system of training and training courses in their area of expertise.

  • Primary Duties and Responsibilities

• Management of Projects / Typical Project Management capabilities
• Collaboration with International Training providers ( Thales and externals)
• Leading of the Training Needs Analysis
• Developing and Implementation of Training Programs
• Specification and Delivering of Training Materials,
• Specification & Supplying of Training Tools
• Customization of Training Strategies
• Coaching of Local Instructors and ensuring their ability to deliver Courses
• Preparing feedback or Reports on Training groups targets and accomplishments
• Monitoring of the daily activity of Instructors and students
• Monitoring of student grades/attendance
• Delivering of Trainings in the area of their expertise

  • Area of expertise:

Transportation Domain in Main line (Rail) and Urban Line (Tube & mono rail)

  • Qualifications

Certification or qualification in transportation expertise

Proposed Job :

Expatriation in UAE (One year or 6 months) in order to conduct as the local support to Thales Université in France a Feasibility Study on the implementation of a Rail Academy in
UAE including the following subjects:

  •  Actors & Influences mapping
  •  Environment decoding
  •  Preliminary Job Competencies Training Needs.
  •  Bench Marking on world class best practices in Rail academy Fields
  •  Jobs & context diagnostic analysis taking in consideration all acquired elements during local interviews & visits.
  •  Preliminary Training Needs Analysis
  •  SWOT, strategic scheme
  •  Preliminary Training Plan and Infrastructure needs
  •  Synthetic diagnostic & recommendations on how to create the Rail Academy
  •  Rail Academy development scenario by steps
  •  Business plan inputs (CAPEX & OPEX) for the Training Project Implementation phase
  • (TPI phase)

Possible career progression,
A third phase activity in UAE will consist in the management of the UAE rail academy implementation project.
Other activities in Project Management of Rail Training Project: Training Engineering and Implementation in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere could be proposed Business Development for Thales University Solutions in the GCC region

CONTACT / [mailto:jean.desaintjulien@thalesgroup.com]

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